The Old Gym

The first image at left shows the area of the campus comprising the old gym, the scholasticate and the Greystone buildings. Two wooden frame single story bungalows, built in 1911, occupied the gym area. One burned down in June 1946. The other was torn down in early 1947. They had served as large meeting rooms and recreational facilities. The gym was constructed on that site.

The present Marian building, the first large building put up by the Marist Brothers on what is now Marist College, was built as a gym between 1946 and 1947. This work was supervised by Brother Francis Xavier, a faculty member teaching Philosophy and Psychology. "Frank," as he was known, was a man of all trades and as much a contractor as a professor.

Except for the masons and steam fitters, the building was constructed entirely by the Marist Brothers. Student brothers mixed concrete for the masons, carried pipes for the steam fitters, unloaded the trucks which delivered the cinder blocks and bricks, did the carpentry with Brother Paul Ernest (professor of physics) and operated the jack hammer, etc.

The building was used as a gym with a carpenter shop, printing shop, laundry, garages and storage space installed in the wings.

The Marian Building

The old gym at the center of campus was transformed into a Residence Hall in 1983 and is presently used in that capacity. The wings were raised to make a second floor and the gym portion was also transformed into a two- story dormitory.


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